An Intro to a bookworm in reform

I always believed that I was the ultimate bookworm and to be honest was a little bit snobby about it.

However, my rose-tinted intellectual glasses quickly shattered after one fateful afternoon involving a bored teenager and an iPhone. I’m an addict, it’s something I came to terms to when I reached level 26 on QuizUp, an app for quizzes, on Disney after playing it demonically for three hours straight. I saw that there was a quiz for Book Quotes and immediately clicked on preparing to thrash any opponent that dared challenged my knowledge on books. Unfortunately what I realised is even though I read a lot it happens to be the same kind of books.

If you ever want to know which is the best teenage/romance/sci-fi novel out then I can tell you in a heartbeat, name off my favourite characters and quote the book to you, essentially a walking talking book spoiler alert. However, when it comes to non-fantasy, serious books I know nothing. I got beat level after level of QuizUp quickly growing into a deep despair. I no longer felt like bookworm but a rip off like those people who wear fake beats.

So I set myself a challenge to read as many diverse books and novels as possible and actually restore my status as bookworm. I will put up a review of almost everything I read and see if I can change my one-track book mind. Of course, I will add my paranormal fantasy books because old habits die hard.


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