White Sphere captures Orcas for tourism

imageI’m posting this from my phone because I still haven’t fixed my laptop! It was my New Years resolution. Anyhoo, this is another post about Killer Whales in captivity. It’s just Inhumane and selfish.

Two wild killer whales have been captured by Russian hunters to be taken to Sochi for the Sochi Winter Olympics. In a cheap and cruel attempt to bring in tourism. The company White Sphere has organised this.

The whales are being removed from their homes to a tiny concrete box where it is possible for the whales to develop psychosis!

These whales are used to swimming up to 100 miles a day and being surrounded by their families. Killer whales like other dolphins have a great sense of family. They learn their behaviour from their family, learn languages and also develop a personality based on their family.

These whales are being moved to essentially a tiny jail cell where they will have no emotional stimulation and kept in tight spaces building their frustration with no release.

Please sign this petition and help save these poor animals!



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