Stupid is as stupid does

We’ve been told to blog about things outside our comfort zone and to be honest one of the things I wouldn’t be comfortable blogging about is my own stupidity.

I like to think of myself as a smart educated being but then I say something and everyone wonders if I’m the missing link.

So here’s my top five quotes of upper stupidity from 2013-2014. Enjoy and as a disclaimer I did make it through highschool and get into university.

1. When me and my friends Stuart braved the cold, scottish weather to the cash machine to check my bank balance I said:

‘That could have went one way or another and to be honest it kinda of went in between.’

At the start of university, surrounded by fellow students that I would spend the next four years with and potential friends we were asked what type of stories we liked in journalism. While educated and clever answers begin to be told I got more and more nervous and when it got to my turn I said:

‘I really like my brothers my dad kind of stories.’

Then sat down and watched as all my potential friends distanced themselves from the weird inbred girl.

3. When a scottish DJ called George Bowie was performing at a local nightclub I turned to everyone said:

‘Hmm, I don’t really know that George Bowie the only thing I’ve seen him in is the labyrinth.’

4. When telling my aunt about my latest love life, or lack of one, I told her about a boy I met and when she asked me about him I said:

‘I think he’s rich. He’s had laser eye surgery.’

5. When me and my friends were alking about random stuff I said:

‘I don’t like masochists. I find it really awkward when they touch you.’

I meant massages.

So basically this is why on a daily basis I can be ridiculed. You may or may not find this interesting. Some people do some people don’t but this is my very boring, occasionally awkward life


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