Top 10 bizarre headlines

My weakness is stupidity and everything bizarre. I love it. Everything from Jeremy Kyle to someone falling over right in front of me. However, since I’m studying journalism it might be a good idea to put a journalistic spin on it. After recalling some of my favourite bizarre headlines and googling others I decided to blog about them. I hope you, like me, while find this thoroughly entertaining. Personally, whether some of these are intentional or not they’re brilliantly bizarre.

10. He ain’t nothing but a hound dog.image 

9. Also tsunamis may involve water damage image

8. For all you 25 year old teenagers, keep up the chastity. It’s working image

7. This isn’t stupid. This is the opposite of stupid. Well done sir image

6. she must have left the kitchen to complain image

5. lions and tigers and … Flying bugs? Oh dear image

4. ‘Do you even lift?’ Fluffy Schwarzenegger image

3. This one day this man will never forget or the rest of the world image

2. Maybe she tried to ‘get some nuts’ image

1. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it’s from Ann Summer’s new range image


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