Old news report

Strathclyde Police began their anti-violence campaign across Scotland yesterday by targeting weapon carriers to crack down on knife crime.


Strathclyde Police has enforcing a yearlong anti-violence campaign, over the next four weeks police will litter the streets targeting weapon carriers. They will be stopping those who look like they could be potentially dangerous.


The crackdown follows earlier periods of enforcement in July, September,

November and December 2011, which led on from the nationwide knife amnesty in May and June 2010, when an all-time high of 12, 600 weapons were handed in to the police.

To date 1,110 knives and 918 other weapons have been found by officers.

That is just across Scotland. The violence has reached a high and the police now have to intervene and take more action. Police state they have taken over “2,000 knives and other weapons off the streets of our communities.


Police will be using intelligence and the latest technology to sniff out those who are ignoring the law and continue to endanger others by carrying weapons.

Chief Inspector Alex McGuire, Safer Scotland Co-ordination Unit, said: In the weeks ahead, officers the length and breadth of Scotland will be actively searching for knife and weapons carriers.


During the next month, forces will be carrying out a whole raft of operations to target hot spot areas, including intelligence-led searches in areas which are known to have problems with violence or disorder.”


Police have been using hand-held metal detectors, Kevlar gloves and Ferroguard poles. These are all items that have been used previously.


The decision to launch a four-week crackdown was after a debate on how to tackle the rise in knife crime.


Committee Convener Frank McAveety said: “This debate today was always wider than criminal justice. It is about tackling knife crime on many levels – early intervention, education in schools, crime prevention.”


Police and the community are encouraging people to come forward and do their part.

Superintendent Val McIntyre, Deputy Divisional Commander, for Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Division, said:

“I would urge any person who knows of anyone carrying a knife to report this to the police or anonymously through Crimestoppers and I would also urge those intending to carry a weapon to think again and consider the consequences.”


Red bins will be placed across Renfrewshire and Inverclyde tomorrow to encourage the public to hand in weapons and stop the violence.



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