Possible Debris spotting from Missing Plane


Amsa image


Reports of debris being spotted in the Indian Ocean have been linked to Malaysian Aircraft Boeing 777 that went missing on the 8th March.
Ships from Norway have joined with Australian, U.S and New Zealand planes to search the area 1500 miles from Perth. The images were spotted on satellite and are believed to be of a ‘reasonable size’.
Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has stated that the debris shown up on the satellite is a ‘credible lead.’ Many sightings have been reported since the plane went missing but none have been of any relation.
The plane was on flight from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. It is believed that at 19 minutes after one a.m the co-pilot had radioed ‘All right. Good night.’ Two minutes later the plane went offline.
There is many speculations and conspiracies as to the disappearance of the plane.
Aviation experts claim that the plane was intentionally diverted to a well thought out plan. There have been theories off hijacking, bombs and suicide. However, there is yet to be confirmation.


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